28-30 October, 2023
Krakow, Poland

Aleksandra Lewandowska

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Dr. med. Aleksandra Lewandowska, National Youth Mental Health Consultant. A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz. From the time of her studies to the present, she has been involved in activities,  promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and youth, cooperating with foundations, associations, local governments, nurseries, schools and universities. From the time of her studies to the present, she also participates in scientific activities, winning awards and distinctions for her work at conferences. She is an author and co-author of several dozen publications and an educator. Aleksandra is a scientific director of specialization training in the field of psychotherapy of children and adolescents and also she is a practitioner for whom work is also a passion. She works with patients in inpatient, outpatient and nursing care. Aleksandra Lewandowska is a medical coordinator of the Child Psychiatry Ward, Child and Adolescents Psychiatry  Day Ward , Mental Health Clinic for Children, Adolescents and Their Families, Community Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Clinic, Coordinated Care Program for Children and Adolescents diagnosed with  Autism Spectrum Disorders of Babinski Hospital in Lodz . She is also a member of the team for children and youth health at the Minister of Health. She is a vice-President of the Mental Health Council and a member of the Expert Council of the “Healthy Life” project.